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About Us

Mission Statement

We strive to build a long-term relationship with each partner—client, broker, and borrower.  We respect that relationship by looking out for each partner's objectives, maintaining a clear long-term vision for the company, and infusing our work with integrity, passion, and commitment.

We follow a team-oriented leadership model, one in which our ideas and actions reflect the full expression of our collective talents. This perspective inspires us to build an ever-greater and more successful future for our valued clients. As a team, we find new ways to improve operations and provide unparalleled service.

Mortgage Lending Expertise

Willamette Capital Management is one of the West Coast’s most trusted and reliable private lenders for special situation, real estate-backed loans. Since 1986, we have participated in financing over $250 million in a variety of real estate projects. We recognize value in special opportunities—those many lenders may overlook due to their complexity. Our team is experienced, innovative, and efficient. We consider and serve the needs of all parties in the transaction, and we underwrite and close quickly.